Bitcoin Cams

How to buy tokens with bitcoin?

It’s really simple buy tokens using bitcoins! Let’s go to see how..

  1. After signup, you need to click on “Get More” near your tokens balance:

step 1

2. Select now as payment option:“Cryptocurrency”:

step 2

3. Choose the coin type (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin..), the amount of token you want purchase and an email for refunds purpose:

3. Send the payment to bitcoin address that will appear to you (if you choosen btc) for receive your tokens (will appear on your tokens balance):


 Finish! That’s all!

(No bitcoin? Don’t worry, we accept other payment methods as well).


Advantages of Bitcoin Sex Chat:

You’re probably aware that the presence of bitcoins is growing at a breakneck pace. This is especially true for sex cams. The presence of bitcoin webcams has been proliferating around the online sex cam markets, and at this point if you’re not willing to hop into the bandwagon you might just get left behind.

Most sex cam portals now offer options for bitcoin webcams wherein you have to purchase bitcoins with your actual currency, if you don’t have an online reserve of bitcoins, in order to enjoy the offerings of a particular sex cam. Some sites have even become exclusively bitcoin centered. You might be wondering what’s the great fuss around bitcoin webcams. Well, using bitcoins to pay for your sex cam fantasies has a number of great advantages and that’s what I’m getting to. Advantages of Bitcoin Webcams:

1. Complete Privacy: The biggest advantage of bitcoin webcams is the privacy they offer. You can make payments through a pseudonym and no one would ever know that you’ve been using sex cams. This is particularly beneficial for teenagers whose only option is to access sex cams with their parent’s cards. It’s also useful for those who are married. If you don’t want your spouse to know about your sex cam fetishes, you better get some bitcoins.

2. Completely Non-Judgmental: Do you have any fetishes? Maybe you like teen sex cam videos, maybe you like leather and chain, or couples, or gay men, or shemales! Whatever your sexual proclivities may be, the online world of bitcoin webcams is a non-judgmental space. Furthermore, since you’re not going to get transaction details in your bank statements, you don’t need to worry about covering your track.

3. Smooth and Quick Transactions: When you’re engaging in a sex chat, you don’t wanna’ have to wait to get through payments. You want to get that pesky part over with so you can continue having fun. Bitcoin transactions are extremely fast, thus making them convenient.

4. Complete Transparency of Financial Transactions: One of the reasons that sex cam companies love bitcoin is that they incur no transaction charges, no money has to be diverted to third parties, and they don’t have any hidden fees. This transparent and straight forward process makes bitcoins an extremely valuable form of online currency.

5. VIP Treatment: Some sex cam sites also offer exclusive deals to bitcoin users that are just too good to ignore. Some websites offer a deal that the day’s top users would get extra bitcoins, or that they’ll receive a free sex show. These are all VIP advantages you can avail of thanks to the convenience of bitcoin webcams! I guess you now must have a brief understanding of why people are raving about bitcoin sex cams so much. They’re reliable, convenient, and most of all they offer complete anonymity to the individuals using them. The latter of these advantages is perhaps the most important one to anyone who likes to indulge in sex cams.