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P3YgfYo Our members having fun with free sex cams everyday.. and you? Signup Today!


Email: llua.chaturbate@gmail.com
We like having sex and be active, so chatting can be difficult sometimes
but if you feel like you need a longer conversation
you can always send us an email, so we can get back to you later.
If you want to encrypt, PGP-key is available on keys.gnupg.net

We only do things we enjoy and won’t do anything we are not into just because somebody offers us tokens which means if we say no, it’s a no.
Some of the things we won’t do:

  • Footstuff
  • Pee & Poo
  • Moaning your name
  • Cockolding
  • Slapping her face or other humiliations like that


  • Even though we speak other languages, we will mostly ignore chatmessages that aren’t written in english because nobody should be left out.
  • Don’t be rude or insulting. If you don’t like our show that’s fine just click on the next one and get what you want there. We don’t care how much tokens you got, if you are overly negative we will hit that button…
  • Have fun! We are here to enjoy ourselves and you should do the same. Just do both, us and yourself a favor and keep one hand free for tipping ,)

We don’t really schedule our shows, but you will most likely catch us during weekdays between 07:00 – 11:00 UTC.

  • Can I meet / join you?
    If you are female we might be interested, just send us an email.
    Males: No and don’t bother asking, we won’t do any exceptions.
  • Why don’t you do private shows?
    Because we only do things that are fun for us.
    We won’t do anything just for tokens and people get disappointed if we won’t fulfill their desires because they “pay for it”. We are a couple, not ***.
  • Where exactly from Germany are you?
    We won’t answer that for security reasons.
  • Is he bi too? / Can i have his dick?
    Sorry but he is straight, so there won’t be any dildo’s etc. in his ass. This also means you can’t get his dick, it’s only available for woman. Nevertheless we still enjoy comments and compliments from bi / gay guys.
  • Do you watch other cams / will you watch mine?
    Yes we do in our free time but not while we are broadcasting.
    If you’d like us to watch yours just leave us a tipnote and we will try to catch your shows.
    Promoting your room in our public chat is forbidden. Honestly if you show having such a bad character by trying to “steal viewers” you probably punishing yourself more than we could with the ban.
  • Can you humiliate me (Cuckold)?
    Sorry we won’t do this and there are a lot of other viewers that would be insulted if we do.
  • Will you moan my name for x tokens?
    No and you should hesitate to ask couples that. Imagine your girl moaning somebody else’s name during sex, doesn’t feel good, does it?
  • Do you like …?
    Anal? Yes. Facial? Yes. Deepthroat? Yes. Sitting around? No.

Tokens well spend:
First of all every Tip is good because it shows your appreciation and makes us having way more fun, which in turn is good for you!
We are using your tokens to actually improve our show with:

  • Good Lights. bought it end of June, no more sitting in the dark with a lot of shadows, yay 🙂
  • A better webcam. Got it, now we just need a laptop that can actually handle the quality.
  • A new laptop. Our nearly 10years old laptop fights for every fps, we really need to get a new one to broadcast with higher settings.
  • A HD-Camcorder. A lot of people asking about videos and we would love to make some high quality ones. Special offer: If you send us an amazon gift card big enough for a good FullHD one you will get every video we will ever do for free!
  • Our own house. We will probably get too old for chaturbate to reach that, at least let us dream 🙂

Thanks to every Tipper for helping us getting these things!

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