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Did your nipple tattoos hurt? Did your tongue rings hurt?
No, my nipple tattoos did not hurt. Out of all the tattoos I have, they were the quickest to have done and also healed quickly. On the other hand, yes my tongue rings hurt immensely. However they are my favorite modification and the best piercings I’ve ever had so I’m happy I did it.

[blah blah blah mean words]
I’m under the assumption that anyone who is lame enough to talk shit in a chatroom, likely doesn’t care to read anything I would write here. If you see someone being disrespectful in my chatroom, ignore it. Either my mods or myself will take care of it.

I don’t like your mods.
Some of my mods are more strict that others. But at the end of the day they are my mods. I picked them. Many of them have been in my cam chatrooms throughout the years and I trust their judgement. I suggest you get to know them or move along to another room.

Let me mod. You’re not letting me mod. Omg I hate you just mod me. You’re a slut.
This happens a lot. If you want to be a mod, you have to prove yourself. I have to know you’re not the kind of person who will call me a cunt if I don’t mod you. If you can’t respect my decision to not mod you, I can’t assume you’ll be respectful towards myself and my chatroom in future situations. That’s like asking a company for a job application and then cussing them out when they say they aren’t hiring. It’s self defeating. And I definitely don’t want a loose cannon to have any amount of authority in my chatroom.

I’m going to tell you what to do.
I’m letting you know now that this probably isn’t going to work out for you.

Show me all your tattoos and explain all of them to me and if you do not do this you are a cunt and I hate you.
This is easily my most tiring question. Explaining my body repeatedly is incredibly boring to me, and boring to the people who’ve also heard it a thousand times. Chances are if you hang in my chatroom long enough, you will see all of my tattoos in many various positions. I do not care to explain them or read them aloud. I don’t want to give a “tour of my tattoos”. I am a human being, not a museum, landmark or other non-living object. I see this question being just as bad as “show tits show pussy” because you’re objectifying me based on my appearance and requesting that I parade something around at your personal demand.

Can I ask you personal questions about your life goals, school, and work outside of camming?
I don’t really enjoy this. Not because I’m incredibly private but because I’m just not that interested in talking about myself (which may be why I find talking about my tattoos to be so boring). And I know every question is followed up with 20 more questions and I just can’t stand to talk about myself for that long. I appreciate the interest in my existence but when I’m on cam I just want to joke around, talk about movies, games or whatever I care about that hour. Sitting there talking about how many transfer credits I still need or how many hours of interning I’ve accumulated sounds like a conversation I’d have at my grandparents house omg zzZZZZzZZZZzz. The “where do you see yourself in 5 years” is like on every UC application and is way too serious for my chatroom.

Reply to my PM now. Reply to it now. NOW! NOW NOW NOW! MEEEEE TALK TO MEEEE.
If there are a few hundred people in my chatroom and I’m slapping my ass or trying to achieve a killer orgasm, my messages are going to be a bit neglected. It’s nothing personal.

When are you going to do a couples cam show? Do you have a bf?
I currently don’t have any desire to broadcast my personal life. Maybe this will change someday in the future, but for now, it’s all me!

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