Chaturbate Affiliate Program

Here you can register as affiliate at the Official Chaturbate Affiliate Program.

Choose the 20% Revshare, it is better than the PPS because over the medium and long term (but from my experience since less than 2 months) you will earn more money than receive $1 for each signup.

Try it at least a month before you move on, you will realize that earnings start coming in. Good Luck! 🙂

Chaturbate Affiliate

Click here for Register at Chaturbate Affiliate Program

There are many ways for affiliates to earn on Chaturbate.

Our wide variety of tools include banners, popunders, text and instant messenger ads.

Our affiliate programs include:
Pay-Per-Free: Affiliates can earn up to $1.00 per free signup sent.
Rev-Share: 20% rev-share will be paid on all token purchases from referred traffic.
Broadcaster Bonus: $50.00 will be paid for every registered user who has earned $20.00 broadcasting.
Webmaster Referral: 5% rev-share will be paid on all affiliate earnings from referred webmasters.

To process payment from affiliate earnings be sure to completely fill out the form at . You can receive payouts via Check, Paxum or Payoneer and you can designate how you want to be paid from these options. Be aware that there is a minimum amount required to receive a payout. Most methods start at a minimum of $50.00. Payment periods are from the (1st-15th) and (16th-31st) of each month. Payments are sent out within 7 days of the pay period ending.

[Exclusive] Easy Guide To Making Money with Chaturbate!

This form of affiliate marketing does not involve selling a product at all. Actually, you still get paid if they signup for an account without even confirming their e-mail! That is not very common at all. This specific websites pays $1 per signup and offers something that most people are interested in. It also pays you 20% of everything your referrals pay. This is truly an awesome opportunity. Now, this is your chance to start earning
money online. Follow the guide completely are you will not regret it one bit.

Let’s get started..

1. Go to the Chaturbate affiliate homepage
Chaturbate is a free adult cam show website where women will do sexual acts on camera in return for coins. It is designed to intrigue customers into purchasing more and more coins in return for videos, pictures, prizes, or something on the entertainer’s “menu”. Luckily, because this design is so effective, they are capable of paying you $1 per FREE signup plus an extra 20% of whatever they purchase.

2. Create an account
This isn’t an account to use the website, this is to signup as an affiliate. It will allow you to access your personal affiliate control panel which you will use to promote and watch your campaign.

3. Fill out your payment information
It isn’t really required to get started but it is required to get paid. I personally just got it over with once I first started so I don’t have to worry about it later. All this information should be accurate.

4. Get your personal affiliate links
For Chaturbate to know who referred the user to their website, they use affiliate links like most other businesses. This is a personalized link which you will be using to get members. At Chaturbate they offer lots of different kinds of links for you to use. Some will redirect the member to
different parts of the site and some will pay you depending on different factors. I personally use the first link on the Linkcodes page which is “Best Converting Tour” that pays you $1 per signup, $50 per broadcaster signup, and 20% of all purchases.

5. Convert your affiliate link
Affiliate link can be spreaded fine but I like to make my link smaller. It makes it look more believable and you can make the path nearly anything you want. It can also be beneficial when you have a character limit when updating statuses. You can create a tiny url by going to,, or by simply searching “link shortener” on Google. My favorite is because it has statistics that tell you where the click came from. You are now ready to start getting leads.

How To Get Leads
Anybody is capable of signing up as an affiliate but it takes a little more effort to actually get conversions (or in this case, “signups”) Luckily, because this system is so efficient it is very easy to get conversions, especially when you apply my methods. Do not think that you are limited to my methods. Use your imagination and you are sure to think of some possibilities to get traffic. Think outside of the box. You do not have to be limited to advertising online. Get your friends, post signs, pass out flyers, do whatever you need to do get conversions because it will pay off when you eventually find that customer who is addicted to the site.

I am going to talk about 5 different methods to getting signups at Chaturbate. Twitter, YouTube, MocoSpace, chat rooms, and other social networking websites. Choose your desired method and follow through with it. You will not regret it.

This is a nice way to get a few leads pretty quickly. Signup at Twitter as a female and find a believable profile picture on Google images of a girl 18+. Confirm your e-mail, fill-out your profile, and setup your profile picture. Follow a few people and make your profile look believable.

Update your status to something like “I need followers! #FollowMe “.

Click on that hashtag and it should bring you to a page with lots of other hashtags people are using to get followers. Open up Notepad and copy each unique one. Update your status with those hashtags and wait for some followers. While you are waiting, follow other people and they might return the favor. When you have 500+ followers, post a status update either saying “Signup FREE and watch me masturbate! (Your affiliate link)” or “I am horny! Message me to watch me on cam.” If you ask them to message you, you will have to do more work but it may pay off.

Always try to get more followers and repeat the method.

This is a simple but effective method in the long term which makes it run great on the side. Simply make a YouTube video using Windows Movie Maker then add text and images of beautiful women. Title the video something interesting like “Lots of Women Masturbating!” and upload it to YouTube. Add a description stating the steps needed to signup and start watching.

In the description, create a list of tags. It should include a bunch of sexual words.

Example: “Tags: anal boobs tits pussy fuck hot sexy sex porn creampie couples lesbian masturbate”
In the tag section, just include a few main tags, not all of them. Now you will want to boost the views, likes, and comments to make the video look like it has some interest. You can do this by signing up at and auto-watching videos. If you really want to make your video more popular, purchase some .EDU backlinks from Fiverr.

This will rank your video much better then it would ever do with just views, likes, and comments and may even get it to the top for a few keywords. Alternatively, you can purchase a YouTube ranking service which will ensure your video is on top of the YouTube search for certain keywords but that may be the more expensive route.

Most people who have a smartphone have probably heard of this social networking application. Based mainly on the mobile phone, MocoSpace actually has a website with lots of exploits. Unlike Facebook, MocoSpace is full of horndogs and has nearly no CAPATCHs which makes adding friends a breeze. Before you get started, you are going to want to make a female account with a fake, believable profile picture. Fill out your profile fields and make a bio that make you look slutty. Add a few friends then navigate to Where to Find Friends, Meet People, and Play Games for Free That page will add more then 25 friends each time you click the button.

All you have to do is reload the page to be able to click the button again. This can be repetitive for most so I made 2 simple iMacros scripts which add friends for you. Adds about 25 friends every 5 – 15 seconds.

Adds 1 friend at a time
TAG POS=2 TYPE=I ATTR=CLASS:icon_add_friend

When you have lots of friends, post a status update either saying “Signup FREE and watch me masturbate! (Your affiliate link)” or “I am horny! Message me to watch me on cam.” If you ask them to message you, you will have to do more work but it may pay off. Always try to get more followers and repeat the method.

Probably the most saturated method to getting leads but it still continues to work. Search on Google for adult chat sites without registration. There are plenty of them so don’t think you have to stick to one. Log in with an slutty username like “TightLittleTeen”. You can either wait for people to private message you then respond with your affiliate link or you can spam the chat until you get banned then move on to the next one. They both seem to work but the private message works
slightly better. You can actually beg the men to signup and most the time they will if you say it’s helping you out but it’s free for them.

We already covered two social networking sites in this guide, MocoSpace and Twitter. You can use these same methods at other social networking sites such as If you simply search “social networking sites” on Google you should get plenty of lists of sites which you can use. Some will definitely be better then others but test out as many as you can for the most profit. Repeat, repeat, repeat!!

Do not be shy to follow these methods! They will definitely pay off and will be totally worth your time.

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